Starlight MAgic and Miracles

Clarity and purity of thought is imMAculate conception. The MAgicians of the MAgi* contemplated* Starlight to find the birth of immaculate conception by virginal (pure) conception through MAry MAGdeline. Genius is optimum genetic composition. As with all genius, it is apparently clear that their abilities did not come from man’s universities, as many have revealed, but from the stars of the Heavens, the University of the Universe. Here we see Da Vinci’s admission in organic symbolic representation. Christ, birthed of immaculate conception, holding a crystal globe, a representation of purity of form and clarity. What appears to be the “reflection of light on the globe” (allegorically symbolic in itself), in the pattern of the three stars of Orion system to which the great pyramids are aligned.
Organic symbology Communing with source by serendipitous synchronistic organic signs, visits, sudden appearances of organisms, feelings, sounds, smells, tastes, and other manifestations of elements in symbiosis utilizing intuition, instinct and our inherent sensory apparatus developing and evolving our meta sensory abilities.
*Magi Alt. meaning (disambiguation) * contemplation (in commune in the temple of omnipresence)