I see many aesthetically pleasing and influential memes and articles about cymatics, mathematics, chromatics, Diplomatics, automatics, Plasmatics, aromatics, and other matics representing matters. In an offering to give defi/nition to what requires none, using the individual’s individualized means of identification, and interpretation, according to their own heart/ brain proclivical orientation and calibration for receiving and transmitting sensory in/for/matic energies. In divine comedic antidote, what seems to require examination by the facsimile of superior intelligence in the self-appointed hierarchy of man, the butterflies alchemized transmutation from Pupa to winged wonder, whos flight, considered by the elite in the study of aerodynamics as disorganized and erratic at best, though manages to navigate through the most dense net of branch and foliage with speed and grace, alludes to the symbiotic dichotomy of logic and intuition. My regards to science and the other institutions which have earned their esteem, clout, and reputation by proving, disproving, improving, and improvising in order to enhance world conditions. Dog/Matic, doggedly, and myopically undeterred, despite the results as echoed by the collective consensus, presented in the name of, with the proper credentials, and wearing a badge of altruism. As the children, truant, free, and laughing with joyous abandon in the sunshine, seemed to have no regrets from missing the schools mandated “class trip” to the Science and Art muse/um, as to wit/ness and experience beauty omnipresent. –




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