Aprils Full Seed Moon by Seven.

I think of the Moon, Luna as an entity with its own transmitting and receiving characteristics and energies. We are all transmitters and receivers of energy, just calibrated differently. Transmission and reception are words describing action of gender of masculine and feminine which are in all things in different degrees and proportions. Lunas reflective energies comingled and shine light on Earth’s shadow self with the divine energies of our star SOL, forming a hybrid radiation which seems to penetrate into the subconscious, just as Sols energies penetrate the dark cold earth drawing forth towards the divine light, the sprout of life from its encapsulated womb, the seeds of our subconscious each according to the nature of their intent, also begin to sprout from within the encapsulated darkness of our subconscious into the light of consciousness manifesting into the physical, what we term reality. Seeds planted of ill intent, or not aligned with love, or universal divine evolution may sprout, but will not survive to flourish, but will wither transitioning into decomposition forming the fertile ground for pure intent to flourish. At this time of the April full Moon, the Egg, Fish, Pink, or Seed Moon, may we be of our divine mind, SOuL, and spirit to use reflection and intention while sowing our seeds. -Seven

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